Accounting is one of most important parts of starting and operating a business or in tracking home finances and tax.

CK Accounting & Tax Services a dedicated professional accounting practice that provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning and tax preparation services to our clients in the Kitchener, Waterloo and the Cambridge Ontario region.

ck accounting and tax service

We offer a variety of accounting and tax preparation services for both individuals and corporations.

As a CGA CPA in Canada you can be assured that our services are of the highest standards, comprehensive, accurate, and follow the latest accounting practices and standards in the country.

We service both small and large businesses in the region as well as individual clients for their personal accounting, tax planning and tax preparation needs.

Our services are vary, and you can see a comprehensive list on our Services page.

We believe you know your business and your focus should be on your core activities. The time you spend on bookkeeping should be dedicated to efficiency and profitability of your organization.

CK Accounting & Tax Services – Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge

We add value to your organization by tax planning and management consulting. We offer a variety of services to satisfy your business needs.

Feel free to look at our About page to see more detail about the company.

We are accepting small and medium size businesses, as well as individuals as a clients and look to establish a long-lasting relationship based on loyalty and trust. Feel free to contact us to help with your accounting services or tax preparation needs.

Cem Kusoglu, CGA CPA

Owner and Manager

CK Accounting & Tax Services